Heritage Run

Encompassing the entire Burin Peninsula, the Heritage Run heads south from the Trans Canada Highway at Goobies. Past the hills overlooking Swift Current, the Heritage Run will take you past fertile woodlands, stark barrens, and dramatic coastal scenery. At Marystown, the road forks to form a loop around “The Boot”. To the east is the town of Burin, snuggled amongst coastal heights, and further south is St. Lawrence, whose history as a mining town is punctuated with stories of incredible history. At the southwest corner of the peninsula are the beaches of Lamaline, which coax the road northward to the town of Fortune, where the ferry service to another country – France to be specific – can be found. The historic town of Grand Bank – whose mariners are the stuff of legends -- will round out the loop as it returns to Marystown.

Why is it legendary?

The proud fishing heritage

This area, the closest land to the world famous Grand Banks, was synonymous with the fishing industry – literally in the case of the town of Grand Bank. This is where schooners docked, the fish came in, and where life had the ebb and flow of the tides. The Provincial Seaman’s Museum is a testament to that way of life, one that made the foundation for the modern inhabitants, and is far from forgotten.

A gateway to another country

From Fortune, one can take a short boat ride to another world – or at least another country. While the French Islands of St. Pierre et Miquelon can be seen from Newfoundland, they represent another way of life adapted to these shores, with their own culture and language – indeed a whole different rhythm of life.