Discovery Trail

The Discovery Trail is accessible via the Trans Canada Highway at Clarenville from the east or Port Blandford from the west. This scenic driving route will provide access to the fishing villages and historic merchant communities of Bonavista Bay to the north and Trinity Bay to the south. The exit to Route 239 will take you to the communities surrounding Trinity, including as far south as New Bonaventure. Just beyond this detour one will find the communities of English Harbour, Port Rexton and Trinity East. Route 230 will continue past the headlands of Trinity Bay, towards communities that on the open Atlantic: Port Union, Little Catalina, Elliston and more. At the end of the road is the town of Bonavista, the site of Cabot’s Discovery and namesake of the Peninsula. From here, route 235 will take in the scenery along Bonavista Bay, through Amherst Cove and King’s Cove, past Open Hall and eventually back to Route 230. This area also takes in the communities surrounding Clarenville, including Random Island and the Osprey Trail, which follows the northern Coast of the isthmus leading to the Avalon Peninsula

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New Businesses in Bonavista: The past two years have seen a great number of new businesses opening in Bonavista, particularly in the Church Street area. Spearheaded by Bonavista Living and Bonavista Creative, the new influx of young entrepreneurs is turning the Town of Bonavista into a very attractive destination. For more details please visit Bonavista Living's News Page.

Aspiring Geopark: Discovery Aspiring Geopark Inc. (DAGI) received funding to work on five sites in the hopes of becoming a UNESCO Global Geopark. FOr more information please contact Edith Samson ( or John Norman ( A recent news story in the Overcast about these developments can be found by clicking here

Bonavista Biennale to Return in 2019: The extremely successful Bonavista Biennale in 2017 will return in 2019. The 2017 edition occured from August 17-September 17, and featured 24 art exhibits, multiple workshops, and many events all across the Bonavista Peninsula. For more details on Bonavista Biennale please visit their website, or read this article from the Telegram announcing the 2019 curatorial team. 

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