Board of Directors

A very active and passionate Board of Directors!

Legendary Coasts Eastern NL DMO is a not for profit tourism organization governed by a volunteer board of directors, elected for 2-year terms at an Annual General Meeting and consisting of:

5 Sub Regional Directors, 1 from each of the following subregions: 

Discovery Trail (incorporating the Osprey Trail), 

The Heritage Run, 

Baccalieu Trail (incorporating the Admiral’s Coast), 

The Cape Shore 

The Irish Loop

5 Directors at Large

2 Sector Directors (as appointed by the LCEN Board)

In addition to the responsibilities undertaken as a volunteer director, the Chair also sits on the NL Tourism Board, a private-public partnership responsible for the seven strategic directions of Vision 2020. For more information on the NL Tourism Board and its responsibilities, please click here. (link:

Our 2017-2018 Board of Directors - Elected Annual General Meeting October 17th, 2017

Sub-Regional Directors

Cape Shore: Jane Hynes, Seafair Capital Vacation Homes

Irish Loop: Carol Ann Devereaux, Edge of Avalon Inn

Discovery Trail - Marilyn Coles-Haley, Home From the Sea/Sealers Interpretation Centre

Baccalieu Trail - Erika Pardy, Secretary, Rose Manor Inn

Heritage Run - Brian Rose, Vice Chair,  Hotel Fortune, Fortune B & B and Saint Pierre Ferry Office

Directors at Large

Jerry Byrne, Chair, Doctor's House Inn and Spa and Ocean Delight Cottages

John Norman, Bonavista Living/Bonavista Creative

Rick Stanley, Ocean Quest Adventures

Edith Samson, Sir William F. Coaker Foundation

Martha Nelson, HI Skerwink Hostel

Sector Director

Peter Laracy, Treasurer, Visitor Experience

Past Chair

Marieke Gow, Artisan Inn and Vacation Homes, Twine Loft Restaurant