Who are we

The Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland (also known as Eastern DMO) is one of five Destination Management Organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador. DMOs work with the operators to build a tourism environment that we can sell to the world through trade and consumer shows, to journalists, and to non-resident and resident markets alike. We’re dedicated to developing a stronger industry and economy through the region.

Our region includes the Burin and Bonavista Peninsulas (east of Terra Nova National Park) and most of the Avalon (except the St. John’s Metro area). That’s a lot of territory, but that means a lot of amazing product!

Originally launched as Eastern Destination Management Organization, we underwent a new persona development process at the end of 2012, culminating in the organization’s new Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland persona.

What does the Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland do?

One of our most important roles is acting as a voice in the tourism industry.

Whose voice? Your voice! 

Given our relationship with the Provincial Government and other agencies and partners, we are the first line of communication for the business owners and non-profits that make up the tourism industry. We assess the needs of our specific region and the concerns of our members, and we always bring them to the table, whether we’re working on projects with the Department of Tourism, Culture, and Recreation, sitting with the NL Tourism Board, or convening with our many partners.

Here is a list of the projects and programs Legendary Coasts is working on in 2013

Legendary Coasts Partnership Meetings

Hosting Destination Partnership meetings and networking opportunities throughout the destination that serve to encourage and support partnership development, engage input from industry and define partner roles across the industry. Legendary Coasts will endeavour to support the development efforts of rural operators and industry partners.

Gateway Strategy

Developing a Gateway Strategy that defines how Legendary Coasts can support the services and marketing efforts of its Gateway partners with particular focus on the pre and post meetings and conventions market.  Legendary Coasts will develop themed travel itineraries and wayfinding lure pieces that promote easy traveling for visitors to the destination. 

Destination Development Plan

Participating with industry in the development of a Provincial Destination Development Plan that will ultimately provide a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of our destination and provide a strategic and focused direction for enhancement and future growth. The Destination Development Plan Process will first begin in Eastern NL in January 2013.  Tourism Advisory Committees will play an integral role in this process.

Familiarization Tours

Working with TCR Marketing team and industry to bring travel writers and travel trade to Eastern NL is an important function of Legendary Coasts marketing efforts, tying the iconic products, amenities and services in the Eastern Destination to the overall provincial brand.

Online Package Program

Packaging of experiences is an important aspect of generating visitors to any destination. Legendary Coasts will work with industry to identify the opportunities for packaging of products and services in the destination.

Consumer and Travel Trade

Engage operators and industry in marketing and promotion of the Eastern Destination by attending consumer, travel trade and media marketplaces ensuring a solid presence for Eastern NL products and services.

NewfoundlandLabrador.com and Travel Guide

Work with TCR Marketing team to enhance the web content for the Eastern and Avalon Regional pages on the Newfoundland Labrador website and Travel Guide to ensure that market ready products and services in Eastern NL are properly highlighted. 

NL Tourism Assurance Plan

Assist in the communication and implementation of a Provincial Tourism Assurance Plan through direct and consistent communications with industry, information seminars, and one-on-one consultation with operators.

Legendary Coasts Quality Service Training Retreat

Partner with industry to organize and deliver, on an annual basis, a two-day Quality Service Training Retreat focused on enhancing the skills of employees and employers delivering front line service in the Eastern Destination.  

Uncommon Potential Seminars/Webinars

Deliver a series of Seminars/Webinars throughout the destination for the purpose of dissemination of business development support information and industry networking.