Five Island Art Gallery

Region:Irish Loop
Phone:709 753 3605/709 728 1532

Address:7 Cove Rd.
City / Town:Tors Cove, Southern Shore
Postal Code:A0A 4A0

Set in the scenic community of Tors Cove, just 45 minutes from St. John's, Five Island Art Gallery is but an extension of what the area has to offer in terms of creativity, culture and warmth. It is based in a restored two room schoolhouse that provides the perfect venue for the display of original local Newfoundland and Labrador art.The rooms are spacious with ten foot ceilings and a minimal amount of furniture, giving the patron lots of room to view the unique artwork. The ambience of the old schoolhouse is still retained as the original chaulkboards, hardwood floors, architecture and 238 window panes in the front facade will attest to. It remains the only one of its kind still standing on the Irish Loop.

While Newfoundland and Labrador has attracted many artists from mainland Canada, the United States and Europe, provincial artists have often made their own mark on the international art scene. Many well known names have produced bodies of work that hang on corporate, commercial and private walls all over the world. But it is the oceanic sized art scene in this province that forms the raison d’être for this new gallery.

What is your business philosophy?

Five Island Art Gallery is committed to bringing it's clients professionaly done pieces from local artists and presents itself as a medium for the new wave of energetic artists. Not only does the Gallery offer original watercolours, acrylic and oil paintings but it also presents uniquely designed hooked mats done by Newfoundland artists who take the traditional form into a new and creative realm.

What visitor experiences do you offer?

In summer Five Island Art Gallery offers workshops and events. Check back for news and updates.

What's happening
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