Your TAP Compliant Phone Line

Jan 22nd, 2014

TAP Standard 1: The ability to communicate and receive messages from customers by telephone, email and an online presence; and at a minimum, accept credit and/or debit card payment and respond to inquiries on a daily basis.

The first part of the first standard asks that you have a phone line for your business. While this may seem like an obvious business tool, we want to ensure that you are using it appropriately as a tourism business or organization. In order to have a TAP compliant phone line:

  1. It must be operational year round: No disconnections during your off-season, as visitors make year-round inquiries!
  2. It must be obvious that it is a business line, even if it is also for personal use: Even if your business line is your home phone number, it should be answered in a manner that ensures the caller knows they have called the business! Likewise, the voicemail should reflect the business, if you have listed the number as the contact for your business.
  3. Voicemails inquiries should be handled in a timely manner.
The Tourism Assurance Plan recognizes that, often, small businesses and volunteer organizations don’t necessarily have a dedicated business line, or that someone may not be available for inquiries on a year round basis. This is why phone lines with other uses (personal for example) that have voicemail functionality can meet TAP standards, provided they are used to represent the business correctly. This includes greeting callers by letting them know they have reached the contact for your business or organization, leaving a voicemail or answering machine greeting that ensures the visitor they have called the correct number for the business, and checking voicemails and answer machine messages on a daily basis and responded to accordingly.

All tourism operators are asked to complete or update their Tourism Operator Profiles as soon as possible by visiting the following link, and logging in:
(please use the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser)
If you complete your Tourism Operator Profile by mail, email, or fax, your Tourism Operator Profile will be arriving by mail in the new year. All tourism services and attractions outside the outfitting sector must meet the TAP standards by May 31, 2014 and meet the 2015 Traveller’s Guide deadline. Operators in the outfitting sector must meet the TAP standards by December 31, 2014. All Tourism Operator Profiles must be completed or updated by the deadline dates to ensure TAP compliance.

For more information about the Tourism Assurance Plan, please visit:
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